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Pattern app

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Nicely done!

Spotify Beta

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Minimal Reader

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A nice widget for your launcher that lets you bring feeds from Google Reader or other sources. 5/5 on following guidelines.

Pocket -formerly Read It Later

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Pocket does a great job following ICS guidelines while creating their own identity. A 5/5!


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ICS design score: 4.5/5

Nicely designed app for managing your TV and Movie files on your device. The app is pretty adherent to the ICS guidelines. The only feedback here would be for some tightened up typography and removing labels from the bottom Buttonbar in screen 2 above as in most ICS apps or as screen 1 (labels usually appear in a Toast view when long pressed)

Woot Check

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ICS Design score: 4.5/5

Pretty good simple app for A very nice interaction element is the color change of the ViewPagerIndicator as you scroll between different screens. The webview with details could be better styled with some CSS, but is pretty functional. The dashboard is well designed and conforms to ICS guidelines well.


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ICS Design score: 4.9/5

  • Its hard to find a flaw with this app, its almost completely compliant with ICS design guidelines as far as I can tell
  • Only suggestion: Some of the iconography on the ActionBar is inconsistant with Ice Cream Sandwich guidelinesFor example the add item icon and the settings icon now have a standard icon that you can use. See the icons in the png here

Plasma Sound HD

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